Your own corporate radio
Fully customisable
Your own corporate radio can be customised for your needs - it can serve as an internal cummunication chanel as well as great way to engage your employees and keep up the company spirit.
Basic functions
Your music 24/7
Your team selects songs they love, and we add them to the playlist. Everyone can enjoy their favorite music 24/7.
Team news
Live or pre-recorded messages about latest company news, events or achievments are broadcasted throughout the day.
Team greetings
Your team can send greetings to each other and also select a song they whant to send - the DJ reads out the message or plays audio messages.
Team interviews
Pre-recorded or live interviews with your team members. Create your own radio episodes!
Activities and interactions

Music game "Reverse this"
Your team tries to guess a song that DJ is playing backwards. First who guesses 3 songs wins.
Radio-game "Bravecaller"
Two team members who call Radio first, play quizz against eachother on live radio .
Interactive "Radio digi-quizz"
Whole team use their phones to participate in an online radio quizz with 15 questions and interact with DJ
Radio-game "Keyword"
Throughout the day, during live sessions DJ is mentioning keywords - first who makes the correct sentence out of them, wins.
Personalization & design
Company page
A personalized company radio page, using your brand designt, with your timetable, radio links, greeting and song submition forms.
Your program
Your are in control of the radio program! Make the day the way you like - start with live hour or with top 15 sings - it is up to you!
Your "voice"
You can choose additional proffesional radio voices that suits best your company.
Fully customisable
All radio options can be custum tailored to fit your wishes and needs.
Other options
Company music TOP 15
Your team can vote live for the songs they like and create all time favorite top 15 / 30 / 50 song playlists that you can use in your next party.
Your teammate - our DJ
One of you ( or many) can become DJ's for an hour and broadcasy their favorite songs and greetings to colleagues
"Co-hosted" radio episodes
There is a person in your company who would love to have his or hers radio show - great, let's make it happen!
DJ interviews
You want to make it more interesting and find out how everyone is doig? Leave it to us - or DJ can interview your team and engage with them on live radio
Seperate radio domain
You can even have your own company radio domain page for example ""
Radio "Intranet"
If you choose to have your own seperate domain, we can adjust the page to serve also as an internal communications tool with news feed, blog posts and more.
Do you want to survay your team? Leave it to us - radio survays are a great and fast way to get the information you need and engage your team.
Personalized reports
Get a personalized report after each live episode with all the data you need - number of listeners, listening peaks and lows, geolocation and more.
Create your own "Corporate radio" according to your needs and possibilities. Browse throught the list of additional services to make your radio extraordinary.
Additional live hour with a DJ
from €200
If you choose one of "online radio" plans, an additional day costs less
Your teams music 24/7 (15 days)
Teams favorite songs all day long, even in the days there are no live episodes
Teams favorite songs all day long, even in the days there are no live episodes
Your music TOP 15 / 30 / 100
Your teams favorite song playlists
Radio intranet and domain
Have your own company radio domain and blog page
Radio Survays
from €50
Engage your team with radio survays
Audio invitation from DJ
from €80
Additional Music game "Reverse this"
Choose a plan, and improve it with additional interaction
Additional "Radio digi-quizz"
Choose a plan, and improve it with additional interaction
Additional radio game "bravecaller"
Choose a plan, and improve it with additional interaction
Additional Radio game "Keywords"
Choose a plan, and improve it with additional interaction
Co-Hosted live episodes
It's always more fun together
Your Teammate - OUR DJ
Let your team become a real radio DJ
DJ Interviews
from €200
Let our DJ engage with your team
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