The quickest internal communication channel for everyone working remotely - anywhere or any time!

Only your company's favorite songs 24 h a day, company team announcements, greetings to colleagues, congratulations, colleagues' voice messages on the live air, and interactive radio quizzes for employee engagement.

Your music 24/7

– employees choose, we add to the playlist
Team messages

- recorded remotely, or on-site, messages are played directly to everyone with the option of scheduling repetitions
Greetings to colleagues
– Text or audio greetings sent by your employees with a message, DJ reads or plays
Interviews with colleagues
– interviews with the company's employees on the radio broadcast

Company Page

- Personalized page of your business with radio, online listening and greeting
The "Call of Courage" game
- Possibility of calling and directly participating in a referral game played by other colleagues
Interactive Radio quizzes
- 20 - 30-minute radio quiz - can take part in quizzes remotely, from computer or phone
Fully adaptable

- A service plan and program that can be adapted to your business's needs
Listen to a pattern of live radio broadcasting with greetings and songs sent by employees to colleagues
Select a set or create your own radio program according to your company's needs
€ 290
  • Unlimited audience
  • Songs sent by company employees at 24 hours
  • Live playback of songs and audio greetings sent by employees
Live boradcast with radio DJ
(1 h - 1 h 15 min) 2x day

  • Live repetition 2x day
  • Direct game "Call of courage" + €100 + VAT
  • Online Radio quiz + 150 EUR + VAT
  • Each day following + EUR 250 + VAT
  • Unlimited audience
  • Songs sent by company employees at 24 hours
  • Live playback of songs and audio greetings sent by employees
  • Live boradcast with radio DJ
  • Live repetitions
  • Online Radio quizzes and live games
  • Your employee - radio "DJ"
  • Radio voice at your choice
  • ... reports/statistics, surveys, interviews, etc.
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Our customers talk about

Sintija Juska
"Thanks very much for the professional approach and the lovely attitude of organising the company's online radio! It was a great way to create a sense of unity with colleagues, even during this period of time when we work remotely. A positive atmosphere and joy throughout the day is guaranteed. And special thanks to the radio DJ for putting in energy! We will certainly want to cooperate further! 😊 '

Līna Kārkliņa
Eversheds Sutherland Bitāns
"The company's online radio was really a great and unifying experience for our team. We had all been working remotely for a couple of weeks, and we had to congratulate a very special colleague on the round anniversary. The "fun at work" energetic and professional team made this experience very special for both jubilāram and the whole team, giving us all the pleasure and energy of being together for the whole week of work!

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